Africa Update #4: Mobilize!!!


Let me introduce you to my freind Kite (KEETA). Kite is one of the House Church pastors that is in the network of Emmanuel House Churches that Afework oversees. He came to Christ a few years back and felt God calling him to be a pastor. Kite pastors in kofale, a highly muslim area and has been greatly persecuted for his faith. All pastors here are bi-vocational…no megachurches in Ethiopia. So Kite was a barber and photographer by trade. The muslims in the community hated his conversion so much that they stole is haircutting tools and camera. Kite has also had is house burned down as well. You are looking at a man that knows the sufferings of Jesus first hand. In spite of all of this he is one of the most passionate people I met on this trip. Although I do not speak his language I could see a fire in his eyes for advancing the movement of Jesus.

While we were there we learned that Kite was in need of a bike so that he could travel throughout the village and fullfill his pastoral role (evangelize and disciple) So Innovatie surprised Kite with this bike the other day. I have never seen someone so proud of something, and at the same time so humble, grateful, and full of joy. Kite did not want to take off the bubble wrapping that came on the new bike. We took pics, hugged, cried, prayed and then watched Kite ride off to his village. As he rode off I prayed that God would make me that grateful and passionate. Please pray for Kite right now. Pastor mobilization for the small price of $100…you to can mobilize a pastor!


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