Missing my family, Aroma Coffee, and Jerry’s new blog

Ok I have almost been gone 2 weeks now. We are wrapping up today in Israel and it has been a very eye opening time learning more about all that God is doing in Israel. We have had an intense 4 days of meeting with different people here that we are looking to partner with. I am looking to mobilize college students to Israel for short term and long term trips. My brain is hurting a little trying to wade through all the options of what we could do and what would be best. God is good and I know that in time he will bring clarity for our future work in Israel!

 I miss my family in a HUGE way. I miss my wife’s beautiful smile and encouraging words….she believes in me even when I do not believe in myself. I miss Ava’s playful and explorer spirit…I see myself already in her in so many ways. As I have been out here traveling on this vision trip I have often prayed for her. I have prayed that we could intstill in her a heart for the nations. I never want to force her to do something she does not want to do, but I would be ok if she came to me  in 20 years and said, ” Dad, I want to pour my life out on the backside of Ethiopia helping orphans know the love of God!” I know this would be hard obviously but this would make me a proud daddy! I love her so much!avaswinging.jpg

 As I am writing this blog I am sitting in what is called Aroma Coffee. At least that is what I am told, it is in Hebrew so I can’t be sure. Aroma is like the Starbucks of Israel, there is one on every corner. If you are ever in Israel stop by Aroma and simply order the “Aroma Coffee”. It is better than bucks.

Last but definently not least I officially have my first blogging convert! Jerry Squyres is a young 63 years old. I have convinced him on this trip to start blogging, and that doing so would keep him hip. Well, ok it may not, but it is a good outlet for him to share some wisdom. You should really check it out….Jerry is more in touch with what God is doing in my generation than most from his generation. He has some good things to say. Welcome Jerry to our little blog world….



2 Responses to “Missing my family, Aroma Coffee, and Jerry’s new blog”

  1. 1 chrisbrewster
    January 22, 2008 at 8:04 am

    no way… that can’t be ava. I honestly have seen her (or you for that matter) in forever. How old is she??

  2. January 23, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    GAH! Matt I hope Israel and Ethiopia were simply amazing and have changed you in ways so much greater than anything you can ever imagine.

    My heart is out there in the places you’ve visited. I have been praying for you fervently. Can’t wait to hear (or read, rather) more amazing stories.

    Get home safe, yo.


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