Some words from Spurgeon!

Today it seems like sometimes we are more concerned with presenting the gospel as JUST a change in ideas or opinions. Don’t get me wrong this is one of the things that happens when someone embraces Christ as Lord. But we must be careful that we do not belittle the greatest message ever to simply some propositional statements that someone must agree with. The gospel is more about embracing a person, the person of Jesus Christ. We must also be careful that we do not become wrapped up in presenting our personal style or bent on the meassage. Today there is alot of talk in Christian circles about whether one is Conservative, emergent, convergent, liberal, contemporary, submergent, traditional, calvinistic, arminian, and on and on we could go. The more I read the scripture it seems like the message of the early followers of Christ was always Christ and Him crucified for the remission of sin. When I am in China or Africa people are not concerned with those type things, they just need to hear about Christ. Some words from Mr. Spurgeon may better express my thought….

“For we long to see all religious teaching built upon the solid rock of truth, and not upon the sand of imagination; but, at the same time, our grand object is not the revision of opinions, but the regeneration of natures. We would bring men to Christ, and not to our own peculiar views of Christianity. Our first care must be that the sheep should be gathered to the great Shepherd; there will be time enough afterwards to secure them for our various folds. To make proselytes, is a suitable labour for Pharisees: to beget men unto God, is the honourable aim of ministers of Christ!”


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  1. February 7, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    i know matt! its gonna be rad!! hopefully i will get to talk to you before then 🙂

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