The B-days begin…

Today was a great day! It was rachel’s b-day and because of that and the fact that I will be out of town all weekend we had a massive family day. It went something like this…

1) Ava wakes us up early screaming “mommmyyy” and singing the abc song.

2) daddy feeds Ava, giving mommy the morning to sleep in.

3) Daddy and Ava go get mommy breakfast at the awesome little coffee shop down the street (much better than bucks)

4) Go to the park…Ava was like all over the place and dancing thw whole time. I think she has some soundtrack in her head!

5) Back home for naps…all of us!!

6) Ava goes to Babaw and Popeye’s (that’s her names of choice) and mommy and daddy go on a real date.

7) Dinner: Moes (YUM), Movie: 27 dresses (predictable), desert: Cheescake factory (double yum)

8) Pick Ava up and go home….

The movie tonight was pretty lame, but it made me think alot about Ava. About how someday she will be a bride and I will get to walk her down the aisle. Part of me does not want her to grow up at all. The other part of me cannot wait to see the woman she turns into…I will cry alot that day.

This is the first of our three b-days…Ava’s to come next week and then mine the next week. I accept all major credit cards, or just urban outfitter gift cards.


2 Responses to “The B-days begin…”

  1. 1 susanminchew
    February 21, 2008 at 10:50 am

    that was a sweet post:)

  2. 2 chrisbrewster
    February 21, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    I hope your family is doing well in Florida? right? Peace.

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