The blood of the martyrs, is the seed of the church.

I have hesitated even posting this blog simply for the reason that I would not want these people’s sacrifice to be boiled down to a blog, but I thought it good to tell thier story. It has been said that the blood of the martyrs, is the seed of the church. My prayer is that the gospel is further unleashed through thier sacrifice to go to those who have never heard. Below is a press release on some of my new heros:


Update: Feb 26th, 2008

We are deeply grieved to report the apparent deaths of Muhammad Hadi and Cyd Mizell, Asian Rural Life Development Foundation workers who were kidnapped by gunmen Jan. 26 in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Although we have no confirmation of their deaths, we have received information over the past few days indicating that our two aid workers have been killed. .

Hadi, a resident of Kandahar, had served as an ARLDF driver for two years. Known by colleagues as a “kind, loving man,” he was the father of five children, ages 6 to 15.

Mizell, 50, a native of Eureka, Calif., dedicated her life to serving the people of Afghanistan. Since 2005 she had lived in Kandahar, where she taught English to high school students and helped women learn income-producing skills such as sewing and embroidery. She also assisted in other ARLDF-related efforts in the area, which include food-for-work projects, irrigation, rehabilitation, health care and restoration projects.

We are thankful for the efforts of local government other authorities during this crisis.

Our prayers are with the families of Hadi and Mizell.  We regret that we are unable to respond individually to your calls and e-mails of concern.  We will continue to post more information on our Web site (www.arldf.net) as it becomes available.

ARLDF is a humanitarian development organization with offices in the
Philippines and Thailand that works throughout Asia helping to provide a
better quality of life for the poorest of the poor, mainly through community
development projects. ARLDF works in about 12 Asian countries, with most of
its programs focusing on small-scale efforts. In the Kandahar area, ARLDF
personnel work in education and projects that help people learn skills to
better their lives and the lives of their families. Aid efforts in the
region also include food-for-work projects, irrigation, rehabilitation,
health care and restoration projects.


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