Do Something Now.

I love people who are proactive. I was recently reading an excerpt from a book by the guys who created/founded International Justice Mission. He said something that really made me think. He said that injustice continues not because a lack of good people, but because of good people that will do nothing. When it comes to the needs of others living in poverty it is not the thought that counts. We as the people of God must do something now, anything. I love this campaign that Louie Giglio and Passion has been on called Do Something Now. At a recent conferance college students raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Union University that was recently destroyed by a hurricane. Just normal people being used by God to do amazing things.

Well a few weeks ago my freind Bush posted a picture of a village we visited in Ethiopia that has no source of clean drinking water. When we rode into this village there was a large puddle of rain water run-off that had gathered at the bottom of a hill. Afework told us that this village only has this little water when it rains. When I looked at where the water had flowed from and through, I almost vomited. It was a mound of trash and human waste. But there were a ton of people drinking this water and even using it to cook with because it is all that they had, it is all they have ever had. As we drove into the village and I saw this I was holding a bottle of water. I thought there is something morally wrong if I do nothing…as a Christ follower I have been given knowledge of this and now I must somehow do something NOW.

Well a husband and wife ran across Bush’s blog on the village and asked what they could do. After a series of e-mails they have taken it upon themselves to go to thier church in Johnson City and see what could be done. These people that I have never met and have never been to Ethiopia are starting a campaign at thier church to raise the $5000 or so needed to dig a well for this village and hopefully others like it. i have been blown away by this, It took me going there. Not them, they heard about a need and now they are planning an all-out money raising campaign. What if more of us were like this? Normal people making a difference…I can’t wait for the day we dedicate that well and Jessica and her husband can go and rejoice with this village that they have been used by God to change. If you want to be a part of bringing clean water to this village in the Name of Jesus, through the ministry of Innovative e-mail me at matts@tamh.net and I will let you know how you can give and/or go.

farmlands of ethiopia


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