Urgent prayer for our Pastor

Rachel and I attend Bell Shoals Baptist Church here in Brandon, FL. This is the church Rach grew up going to…

Last night we recieved word that our Pastor had gone missing. He is also a pilot and had flown a small plane up to NC with his son to visit some freinds and then was heading to TX for a conferance. He left yesterday morning early, but never arrived at his destination. There are multiple crews in search for him and the plane as we speak. FAA recieved a emergency signal 30 miles from where he took off from in NC. They did not get the signal until much later after he took off, but many think it was blocked by the mountainous terrain in NC.

Pray for God’s protection of Pastor Forrest Pollock, as well as that of his son. Pray also for His family, he is married and has 5 other children I believe. The church has been open all night long with people praying. For more updates visit www.bellshoals.com

I will post an update when I know something.


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