The beauty of the gospel diplayed in the death of His saints

In one of the Apostle Paul’s pastoral letters he talks about ways in which the gospel is “adorned”. This word is the idea of a woman putting on or adorning herself with beautiful Jewlery. When we talk about adorning the gospel it does not mean we make it more beautiful or praise worthy. The gospel is sufficient to stand alone…

But there are certain things that draw attention to the beauty of the gospel, just as jewlery does on a woman. There are many ways that the gospel is adorned and made to “look good”. I believe we adorn the gospel when we help the “least of these”. I believe the gospel is adorned everytime a man chooses his wife when given the choice to be unfaithful. It is adorned everytime a believer loves another without expecting something in return. The list goes on and on….

I believe the gospel is also adorned and it’s beauty displayed in the death of the saints of God. Today I went to my pastor and his 13 year old son’s funeral. There were literally thousands of people there, 6 or 7 people spoke, and the gospel was adorned in an amazing way. I believe the gospel is adorned when a saint dies because it is in that moment that we remember once again, or realize for the first time the amazing claims of the gospel we cling to. The claim that Jesus defeated death, there is no sting in death, it is not the end, and we do not mourn like those who have no hope!!! Everytime a saint dies the beauty of the gospel is displayed because we see once again a picture of grace.

I pray that my life will adorn the gospel by the way I live. I also pray that my death will adorn the gospel, whenever that day may be?


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